new year, new gaming venue for board games and role playing games

In December 2019 we were informed that us in Dragon’s Den and the other gaming associations in the Game Link collaboration could no longer remain in the venue on Platensgatan that we have been in since 2015. After receiving that information we have worked hard (relatively speaking) for to find a new venue. That work has borne fruit.

As of Monday week 5, the board game evenings (both Monday and Thursday) and the role playing evenings (Tuesdays) move into the renowned Skylten!

The new venue is located on Södra Oskarsgatan 3, just off Linköping’s Central Station (on the other side of the railway tracks). It is the building with the red neon sign with the text “konsten gör livet större än konsten”…. in other words difficult to miss. The easiest way to get there from the Central Station is to use the tunnels that pass below the railway tracks.

The move to the new venue obviously mean some changes and news. Firstly, we are now in a venue where other activities (for mixed ages) are also conducted in a completely different way than on Platensgatan. Expect new and interested faces. Our gaming nights here is open to anyone interested!

We no longer have a kitchen, but there is a staffed café that is open until 20:30 on the days we have our game nights.

Our game nights has a slightly larger room upstairs. This room serves as a base for our gaming. But you can also sit down and play in the cafe or other places on the first floor if there are vacant tables (it is even encouraged). However, keep in mind that the entire first floor closes at 20:30. There is also an area in the basement where you can sit and play there are vacant tables.

If there is no one from the association in place with a key, the staff of Skylten can also open.

Skylten’s website can be found here.

Well met in the new venue!