Our activities

Dragon’s Den offers regular (or irregular) activities for a number of different kinds of games for it’s members. The activities are divided into different groups and presented briefly below. For more information, contact the Board (see Contact) or visit linked websites below.

The Boardgame Group

The association has board game evenings every Monday at Studiefrämjandet’s/Skådebanan’s venue at Drottninggatan 40 in Linköping. The activity is of a drop-in nature and starts around 18:00. On an average board game night, 10-15 people participate and you can either bring your own games or play any of the association’s.

The Monday board game evenings have a group on Facebook found here.

You can find a decently up to date list of the association’s games here.

Tabletop Wargaming Groups (Little Brother Kevin + DBx Group)

Dragon’s Den has two different groups that play tabletop wargames, one regularly, the other irregular.

Little Brother Kevin offers regular gaming every week in his own venue in central Linköping. The venue has no fixed opening hours, but is open when someone is there and plays or paints (which is usually several times a week). The best represented games are Warhammer 40k, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warmachine / Hordes, but there are also Kill Team, Necromunda, Warhammer Underworlds, Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game, Malifaux, Star Wars Legion, Adeptus Titanicus, 9th Age, Bloodbowl and a part else. Board games are sometimes played as well.

In addition to regular pick-up matches, various campaigns, tournaments and megabattles are usually carried out during an average year. LBK also organizes the DefCon convention in early January.

LBK also has its own website with associated forums (there is also a Discord channel) where you can discuss the hobby, book matches, etc.

Please note that there is a fee if you want to join and use the venue (see Membership).

The DBx group has more irregular activities and is mostly playing at the homes of members and sometimes conducts league games and the occasional tournament. As the group’s name suggests, it’s all about historical games played on a 15mm scale.

The Role Playing Game Group

The group was started in the fall of 2019, but due to the pandemic and currently not having a place to meet it has become more or less dormant. We hope to breathe some life into it soon. The group also has a Discord channel for discussions. You will find it here. You can turn to it if you have questions about the group or the role-playing night or if you just want to be part of our RPG community.

World in Flames group

Is located in the association’s venue in Ryd and plays on Wednesdays. What is on offer are games like World in Flames and Europa Universalis (which takes time, so there won’t be that many games in a year).

But what about my kind of game then?

Do you miss your type of game above? The association almost always welcomes new branches as long as there is an interest and people playing the games. Contact the board if you have any type of game you would like to see in the association. Note that it may also be the case that we refer you to one of the other gaming associations in Linköping, which we work with, if what you suggest is available there. It is unnecessary to create more competition than there already is in such a small city!