Do you like to spend your free time playing games? Do our activities sound exciting? If yes, you are most welcome to join Dragon’s Den!

As a member of the Dragon’s Den Gaming Association, you get to participate in the association’s daily activities (which is very nice) and you have the right to vote at the association’s annual meeting. Since the association is affiliated with Sverok, your membership can also mean that you are covered by insurance if you visit a gaming convention in Sweden.

Joining Dragon’s Den is free. However, the membership fee may be changed from year to year according to the decision of the annual meeting. If you choose to become a member of the association, you also approve the association’s statutes.

Sign up! (Link in Swedish)

To participate in certain activities, fees may apply.

Tabletop wargaming section Little Brother Kevin

For those who want to play tabletop wargames and paint miniatures in the tabletop wargaming section Little Brother Kevin’s venue there is a fee of SEK 250 / semester to cover the cost of renting and care of the venue.

If you pay the fee of SEK 250 (or SEK 500 for a full year, January thru December or July thru June), you can also rent a cabinet at the venue for SEK 200 per year (if any lockers are available).

You can find more information abouthow to pay those fees here.

Don’t forget to register as a member of Dragon’s Den through the Sign up link! in connection with the payment of the LBK fee!