Notice of Dragon’s Den’s Annual Meeting

Hi all members!

On Wednesday, October 16, Dragon’s Den has its annual meeting. This is the best opportunity for all members to influence the association’s activities during the coming year. Remember that the annual meeting is the association’s highest decision-making body, so do not miss your chance to participate and decide.

This year the association will provide food at the meeting for attending members (from a nearby pizzeria).

If you are not already a member, you can sign- up here.

A warm welcome!

The Board of Spelföreningen Dragon’s Den

Notice of Dragon’s Den’s Annual Meeting

Time: Wednesday 16/10 at. 18:00

Location: Little Brother Kevin’s venue (LBK), Vasavägen 23b, Linköping (entrance from the courtyard)


  • The opening of the meeting
  • Jurisdiction of the meeting
  • Determination of voting length and choice of voting counter
  • Establishing and approving the agenda
  • Election of the chairman of the meeting
  • Election of the meeting secretary
  • Choice of two people to adjust the protocol
  • The Board of Directors’ activity report for last year
  • Economic report for last year
  • The auditors’ story for last year
  • Discharge for last year’s Board of Directors
  • Plan for this year’s activities
  • Information about LinCon 2020
  • This year’s budget and determination of membership fees
  • Election of this year’s Board of Directors
  • Election of Auditor(s)
  • Election of this year’s Election Commissioner
  • Other questions
  • The end of the meeting

Calling on all roleplayers!

During Kalasmottagningen at LiU, many people came by and showed interest in roleplaying games (mainly DnD). We currently have no existing branch for this within the association, but since the interest was so great, we created an interest list with the idea of ​​trying to start up such a branch. That idea is still relevant and we are currently looking at when, where and how a first meeting for those interested could be conducted. But everyone who could be interested might not have been at Kalasmottagningen, or may have missed us (or came by before the list was created).

Therefore, we would now like to urge anyone interested who did not sign up on that list to contact the board so that you too can be invited to this meeting. The board can be reached at now available in english

Our website is now available in english, to make things a little bit easier for those who aren’t that well versed in swedish. We have translated all the information on the website to english, except for the old news (and the statutes). Any future news posts will be available in english.